You Me At Six

by Nicole Costa

Photo credit: The Bolton News.

If you – like most normal teenagers – went through an ‘emo phase’ where all you listened to was My Chemical Romance and All Time Low, you have probably heard of rock-slash-pop-punk band You Me at Six. Bringing joy to teenagers who have a taste for angsty rock with their catchy tunes since 2008, YMAS’s debut album Take Off Your Colours splashed some colour (pun intended) to the pop-punk scene and captivated thousands.

The five-member ensemble returned earlier this year with the anticipated album Night People that graced fans with new material for the first time in three years. Night People – encompassed by a dark and moody vibe – has since received a lot of positive attention from fans. Critics have also noted how the band’s music has evolved and matured, with DIY Magazine calling the quintet’s new album ‘the band’s most natural and accomplished step so far’. This step didn’t feel like a big leap for the band, who after being together for a decade feel like very little has changed; ‘we’ve always said we’ve a few different ways that we create music, a few different routes to get to that point where we’ve got a finished album, and yet it’s still the same’, lead singer Josh Franceschi stated. Even so, one thing is certain. From the intense vibes of Plus One to the sincere guitar riffs of Take on the World, this album is not short of emotional complexity.

This April You Me at Six get back on the road to promote their new tunes and Plymouth is on their to-do-list. The band will be playing at Pavilions, and as their tunes echo in the 4,000-capacity venue on April 5th, fans are guaranteed to experience an exceptional night. The combination of classic fan-favourite songs and Night People’s edgy vibes will bring old and new fans together for a night of intensity as the entire venue is immersed within a spirit of passion for music. If it sounds like your kind of Wednesday night, you don’t want to miss it.