Wolf Parade

by Bertie Mackenzie

_Photo credit: Shane McCauley at Subpop._

When Arcade Fire were interviewed by Zane Lowe about their new number one album Everything Now, Win Butler, Win described the music scene in Montreal in the early 2000’s as similar to New York in the 1970’s. Dozens upon dozens of bands all starting at the same time all inspiring each other, all unique and all very off the wall, from Arcade Fire to The Unicorns. Easily one of the most influential bands to arrive on the scene were Wolf Parade. Their first album Apologies To The Queen Mary is nothing short of a masterpiece, regarded as one of indie rock’s best albums. It is chaotic, passionate, and most of all utterly strange. Wolf Parade separated in 2011, before I’d had an opportunity to see them live, so when the band announced a reunion last year I was beyond overjoyed. Not only was a small UK tour announced, but a fantastic new EP came out. The impressive thing was that Wolf Parade came back already on top form, the EP is easily up there with the best of their work, and so are the two new singles of their upcoming album. Wolf Parade have truly landed running.

Wolf Parade’s show in Bristol is set up to be an incredible night. Not only do Wolf Parade have perfect live songs but they also have a towering stage presence and passion by the bucket load. I’ve witnessed them once before in London, and the gig was sheer indie rock oddness. Towering synths, and chaotic riffs blend to create indie rock perfection, and with two bizarre yet fitting lead singers in their arsenal, Wolf Parade have the recipe for fantastical concerts. With songs like I’ll Believe In Anything, Dinner Bells and the fantastic new single You’re Dreaming, Wolf Parade not only have terrific songs at their disposal but also an incredibly diverse range of songs. In my view the Montreal four-piece are in ranks of this millennium’s best alternative acts, along with likes of LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire. Wolf Parade have made the last 15 years a golden age for indie music. In my opinion, the opportunity to see Wolf Parade in November is too good to miss!