Will Joseph Cook

by Camilo Oswald

Photo credit: Pomona APR.

19 year old indie-pop prodigy of the moment Will Joseph Cook had his beginnings whilst still at college in Tumbridge Wells, by way of the now-classic story of boy-meets-world via Soundcloud – but it wasn’t long before he started breaking the mould. Creative autonomy is hardly to be unexpected in today’s DIY indie scene, but it is to a certain extent from someone so young. Involved to the teeth in his own videos, visuals, album art and live aesthetics, he’s come a long way from the folk-pop of his early releases in mere months; not to mention the palpable progress in his songwriting, with lyricism that dances and envelops itself around sensuous imagery and clever wordplay with impressive turns of phrase.

It’s easy to trace back the influences that inform the eccentric rhythm and sunny melodies in Cook’s music. Everything from the texture to the tone screaming reminds me of the optimism of many late 2000’s artists, such as MGMT, Darwin Deez and Vampire Weekend. If you ask me, it is the order of the day. Much like the way the title track and single of his new album Sweet Dreamer deals with recapturing youthful optimism in the face of the evils of the world, the current state of the planet requires us to administer a much-needed injection of youthful perseverance. So, whether it is to ameliorate the prospects of the world’s survival of the Trump presidency or the prospects of your survival during your degree, take a break from revision and board the decks of Thekla for the high-energy visual extravaganza of Will Joseph Cook’s live show, complete with outlandish dance routines, allegedly. It promises to be the hopeful harbinger to the summer that couldn’t come any sooner.