We Were Evergreen

by Matt Hacke

How’s touring with Villagers treating you? Really well - not only are Villagers amazing on stage, they’re also really nice people. The drummer (James Bryne) is really funny! We’ve been to some really cool venues as well, sound-wise.

Coming from France, do you feel more influenced by British or French Music? I think both, the way we grew up. We listened to English/American and French music. For example, my father listened to foreign music, but my mother listened to French. At the same time, I think there is a particular French way of thinking and writing.

In that case, who would you say are the main influences on the band’s music? Well we are three different people, but I think all three of us listen to Radiohead, Metronomy, Sufjan Stevens and Grizzly Bear. We also listen to Jazz and of course, The Beatles.

Do you have a particular preference to write lyrics in English over French – if so why? It happens naturally for me to write in English, as when I was younger, I voluntarily listened to a lot of English Language music.

So what are your plans for the immediate future? Our first album will be released in spring next year, with the first single in January. At the moment we are preparing for the video. We’re also expecting to tour next year and do a few festivals.

Any artists you can recommend at the moment? Hyatus Kaiyote, it’s really cool ‘future soul’ - a mixture of soul, prog and jazz. On tour, we’ve also been listening to lot of Syd Arthur.