We The Wild – You Lost My Mind

by Tom Elliott

They’ve been on the internet for just over 24 hours. They haven’t been hyped by the music press. They’ve released one song. I’m just going to go ahead and bite the bullet. We The Wild are a band that everyone should be listening to and keeping a close eye on. You Lost My Mind shows Ant West and Casey Roarty leaving behind the post-punk guitar rock that they cut their teeth on in their old band, Futures. Instead, they are embracing an edgy indie pop project with a beat reminiscent of recent successes Alt-J ∆ and Everything Everything.

Despite the change in genre, West’s vocal delivery is as sharp as always. Roarty’s knack for changing the dynamics of a song with a guitar riff is ever-present. The guitars are more subtle though, and the vocals sound more relaxed.

If you haven’t heard We The Wild or Futures yet then you’re in for a treat. Enjoy.