Unknown Mortal Orchestra

by Liam Hill

Photo credit: NME

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is possibly the most deceiving band name out there. I would like to think they’re not unknown, some of their songs are certainly immortal and as a New Zealand psychedelic rock band I’m not quite sure they’re an Orchestra. However, they certainly are incredible musicians that have for a few years now been releasing some phenomenal music.

Off the back of their fourth studio album, Sex & Food, Unknown Mortal Orchestra are on the road and will be gracing our ears down in the South West as they play Bristol’s SWX on their second of four UK dates. Whilst perhaps not quite as famous as their Australian siblings (in a rather loose sense) they certainly have some musical overlap and this could be a relatively rare chance to catch them, with their London night already sold out.

Their latest release features a groovy collection of dance-along electronic tracks with notable stand-outs Hunnybee and Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays. Previous hits and crowd favourites So Good At Being In Trouble and Multi-Love will also undoubtedly make appearance during the performance in Bristol. Whilst I’ve not seen UMO live in person, I have watched a fair few of their performances online and if I had to sum up their performances in one word, it would be tight. They bring their luscious, fun and exciting material out on the road and perform a studio-worthy rendition.

With exams (hopefully) out of the way by the 25th, this is the perfect treat-yourself-Friday night out. A fantastic band in a great city in an equally brilliant venue. De-stress and dance the night away, you know you want to.