$uicide Boy$

by Taylor William-Hill

Photo credit: Josie Lynch.

$uicideBoy$ are coming to the UK. No fucking way, dude. This duo, formed of the ridiculously talented Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth are my favourite rap artists around right now. They are really shaping their hybrid trap rap into what’s been considered ‘Punk Rap’, ‘$uicide Rap’ or – most commonly – Horrorcore (although the duo has denounced that idea quite firmly). It’s all very niche and exciting, and I sincerely hope you take a page from their book and indulge yourself in their music. If you haven’t heard about these guys before, it’s because they’ve snuck in with the surge of rappers from SoundCloud with your XXXTentacion’s and Lil Pump’s; these guys tend not to abuse their significant others, however, so you can be forgiven for not hearing about them sooner. Here’s a little introduction:

Where do you start? That’s a difficult question when you perplexingly realise the fact that, for fairly new artists, they seem to be rolling Magnetic Fields-style and releasing 60+ tracks per feature length album. As a self-proclaimed huge $uicideBoy, I can shamelessly admit I haven’t heard every single song by the pair, and I think that’s expected. I would quintessentially suggest listening to the Kill Yourself sagas and having a listen to the EP Radical $uicide. The duo’s artist name pretty much suggests what the tone of the music is like; it’s pretty dour, but it’s never depressing. They’re rhythmically on point, and you never feel as though the flow out of keeping with the beat despite extremely fast-paced delivered lines. It’s all awe-inspiring.

I must also add that their fans are incredibly devoted. Their shows look incredible: flares (not that I encourage that in Bristol), moshing, singalongs and just overall good vibes. For £20 on Saturday, 17th February at Bristol’s Motion, I can’t think of a better way to economically spend it. I’m skipping my brother’s 19th birthday for it. You should join me.