Twin Atlantic

by Oliver Rose

I first heard Twin Atlantic in 2014, when the single Heart & Soul came out. I’d just gotten into the Glaswegian arena-synth gladiators Chvrches, and – I don’t know – there’s just something so musically appealing about the Scottish accent isn’t there? I love it when you can tell where any band comes from, but like Big Country before them, there’s a kind of cutely vicious, highlands energy about Twin Atlantic.

And so, what with that suitably childhood experience being a ridiculous three years ago, we’re here now in 2017 with a new Twin Atlantic record on tour, and a date on that tour scheduled to go down at Exeter’s very own Lemon Grove.

Expect tracks from the band’s entire oeuvre as you mosh out on the sticky floor, from post-hardcore debut Vivarium, to last year’s rollicking GLA, whose stampeding drums and big-riff aesthetics earned the band acclaim both live, and in reviews.

If you like raucous guitars, distorted vox and punk sentimentally rooted squarely in the localised, domestic reality of the country’s angry north (who doesn’t), you absolutely have to be at this gig. No two ways.