Tom Odell

by Chelsea Lee

Do you remember the John Lewis Christmas Advert with the child and the penguin back in 2014? The guy who brought you the tear-jerking backing track Real Love is back once again to perform at the Plymouth Pavilions this November!

Influenced by legendary singer songwriters such as Elton John, Jeff Buckley, Billy Joel and more, Tom Odell himself has no doubt tugged on the heart strings of many with his vastly relatable stories of love and heartbreak. A perfect example would be one of his most well-known songs Another Love, where the music complements the very frustration of the lyrics “another love, another love, all my tears have been used up”. Whilst the experiences may have been unpleasant, his emotional vulnerability is a lyrical treasure which has helped many through their own love troubles, with Odell claiming that “having your heart broken makes f***ing good songs” during an interview with The Guardian.

The magic does not stop there. Paired with his poetic lyrics are his crisp yet enchanting vocals. With each ballad, Odell is never afraid to show his emotional fragility through his charisma in each lyric. Part of what makes him so appealing as a musician is his ability to deliver not just words and a tune, but the raw emotion Odell he conveys through the lyrics themselves. He has also been nicknamed Chris Martin II by several, so if you are a fan of the unquestionably notable band Coldplay, Tom Odell will surely be suited to your liking.

If you’d like a break from the wrath of university work, go on and watch Tom Odell to soothe your anxieties and miseries. It is rare to find music that is so genuine and heartfelt.