Tom Elliott - Out There EP

by Rosa Brown

Tom Elliott’s debut EP, Out There, is a beautifully written collection of songs. Out There spans genres of folk, indie, and blues to offer a dreamy musical collection which echoes the sounds of Cornish seaside. The range of Tom’s voice is probably most impressive, as it manages delicate high notes as well as some interesting harmonies.

The distant intro to Brand New is calling out to be played at the beach through its music and lyrics:

The water’s deep, it will embrace you now.

Listening to Brand New now sounds like an ideal summer evening song. But I can also imagine playing it on a wintery night, thinking of past and future plans for summer. Out There is carried by Tom’s voice and really shows it off. The guitar accompaniment works well and the cello (played by Alex Lewers) is also a nice touch. Tom’s music manages to sound familiar yet with individualistic touches that prevent him from being dismissed as just another guy with a guitar.

Harbour is one of my favourites from the EP as it uses a consistent melody that builds up throughout the track. Tom sings with a slight accent which echoes Jack Penate but it means each song offers a different sound for his voice. Harbour sounds great online, yet it is probably best appreciated live.

The final track, Sensible Plans sounds a lot simpler than the rest of the EP, but it is definitely one of my picks. Tom’s lyrics are playful: “We tried to keep in touch but we failed because the internet can’t send a kiss”. The melody is instantly likeable, and for a song about young love, Sensible Plans is charming and realistic rather than sappy.

Out There is the perfect EP to accompany a hopefully sunny summer. But if you want to do it justice, catch Tom live at On the Waterfront on 27th May, Real McCoy Café on 31st May, and the Old Firehouse on 8th June.