by Benedict Olie

Photo credit: Jodie Canwell.

Brighton three piece Tigercub are coming to the Exeter’s own Cavern on their tour of the country. The band are currently supporting their new EP Evolve Or Die, and the concert promises to be a mad one. Their slamming debut album, Abstract Figures In The Dark, which dropped last year, was a huge hit and appealed to music heads via the pop stylings of vocalist Jamie Hall. His melodic voice is capable of reaching soaring falsettos and guttural growls alike, whilst the heavy, fuzzed out bass and crisp drumming of the rhythm section lends the band real hard rock credentials. Don’t be fooled by their cutesy name, these boys know how to rock.

In a music scene vapid with so many foppish indie bands, Tigercub are a welcome breath of fresh air. Their heavier sound marks them out as true rock and roll pioneers who still know their way around a hook or two. Just look at a song like Memory Boy, which contains an incredibly catchy chorus and a bone crushing bass line side by side. This is a feat that few other bands can achieve, which should make their appearance at Cavern unquestionably worth your attention. Tigercub are sure to rock your socks off, and probably some other items of clothing too.