Thea Gilmore

by Teddy Ssonko

Photo credit: Twitter

Thea Gilmore grew up listening to the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell - inspired, she wrote poetry as a teen, later releasing her very first album Burning Dorothy. Fast track to 2009 when she releases the critically acclaimed and well-received Strange Communion, Thea Gilmore is now embarking on her Christmas party UK tour to perform some of the favourites from this album with her strangely melancholic yet chilling style, Exeter Phoenix are set to receive her this December 4th in preparation for the Christmas season.

After a five year hiatus, Thea Gilmore is showing us that her time off translates to rich sounds, smooth vocals and a very familiar acoustic accompaniment. In her 2017 album Extended Playground’ she illustrates her harmonic a capella and lullaby-like yet poetic story-telling in songs The Amazing Floating Man and Sol Invictus, as well as in the ‘hear ye!’ introduction to Strange Communion. This Christmas album boasts huge praise, with The Sunday Times naming her ‘one of the finest singer-songwriters of her generation’, and The Independent calling her music ‘poised and thoughtful song writing’. Her 2018 UK tour is set to feature some of her best from this Christmas release just in time for the dawn of advent season this year. Undoubtedly dissimilar to any Christmas album on the charts, her stunning (in the truest sense of the word) music guarantees even the ‘grinchiest’ of us a truly calming Christmas.