The Sherpas – Soirée

by Harry Dunsford

Bursting from somewhere by the water, The Sherpas have found a sound in place between the ambient, melodic, and brash in-your-face rock. The carefully constructed Soirée EP is a theatre of sound; drawn by the imaginations and technical abilities of the five-piece from Exeter. The five tracks are tied such that the EP is effectively a single piece of music, which enables the listeners to immerse themselves in what feels like a story.

Wave To The Water, For What It’s Worth, and Soirée are faster paced, louder, and at sometimes manic tracks. Interlude/Home and Back In Time provide a well measured counter balance which ultimately helps unwind and round off the EP.

Punchy combinations of vocals supported wholeheartedly by a band playing a host of dimensions mixing at various complimentary points. Put simply, it is pleasing to listen to. Though there is a lot to pick up on in each track, it doesn’t sound as if anyone is treading on anyone’s feet.

I seriously enjoyed listening to the EP and look forward to seeing them perform in the near future.