The Raptors

by Leah Devaney & Amy Garner

What would you say your ‘sound’ is? Rock ’n’ roll. [We joke about his ‘The Boat that Rocked’ dress sense and John Lennon glasses]

Is this biggest gig you’ve done? Tonight was probably equal to the biggest crowd we’ve played. We’ve played for Teignmouth Carnival which was quite a lot of people, but these people had it tonight.

Tell us a little about your new EP. Our new EP is out and we produced it ourselves. We’re proud of it, but we’re gonna be working with a better producer soon.

What would you say your music is about? Real life stuff. Real life stuff that you see at the weekend. We see a LOT of stuff at the weekend…

Where do you see yourself being in the next 10 months as a band? Lovin’ life.

Apart from that? Probably signed.

Who would you love to be signed with? EMI, Sony - no one shit! Aiming big!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? John Lennon. Paul Weller.

Who would your idol be? Well it used to be Pete Doherty but we were supporting his gig and he didn’t turn up. So probably Paul Weller or John Lennon.