The Pigeon Detectives

by Alex Mayger

Celebrating 10 years since the release of their explosive debut album, The Pigeon Detectives are on the road to bring the summer of 2007 back to the UK. For the first time in their career they will be playing Wait For Me in full, so get ready for high tempo drums, catchy choruses and a whole lot of energy from the album that launched their career and kicked them into the spotlight. Like all great albums, Wait For Me perfectly captured the state of mind of the country at the time giving it somewhat of a nostalgic yet feel-good quality when listening to the album 10 years later, knowing how things have changed in the world.

While it’s a shame none of their efforts since have caught traction like Wait For Me did, The Pigeon Detectives have still been releasing albums consistently with a few high points such as Animals from the album We Met At Sea and with their fifth studio album Broken Glances being released earlier this year we may be seeing a return to form from The Pigeon Detectives. Their latest venture displays an interesting progression for the band, deciding to ditch the fast-paced tempo and powerful guitars for more intimate lyrics and softer vocals. This is very prevalent particularly in Falling in Love and Sounding The Alarm. However, their signature style can still be found sprinkled in small doses among a few tracks in the album, creating a unique blend of the old and the new and pushing the band forward in a good direction for future records.

With Little Comets set to support, one thing is for sure: this will be an evening full of high energy and feel good music. So whether you have followed The Pigeon Detectives since their debut hits or just want a night of good tunes, you will not want to miss this one.

Image: Josie Lynch.