The PearShaped Guide To Local Bands

by Shannon Smith

Are you constantly trying to find the next new band to go and see? Or facing the real possibility of spending your entire student loan on gig tickets? If so, this is the PearShaped Guide you’ve been dreaming of! This is our guide to local artists, helping you though the Exeter live scene with some real gems we just cannot help but share.

Before we begin, it is important to note that with Campus Bands, the next great band may be amongst the freshers…


Winners of The Battle of the Bands 2015 and firm PearShaped Exeter faves, Bloom just has to be the first band on your list to check out. These third-year Exeter students have a definite Bloc Party and Friendly Fries air about them, along with the power to completely engross an audience. Bloom’s almost moody persona brings the audience into their sphere in a way that most professionals wish they could.

Delmer Darion

Delmer Darion is a secret gem of a band, with their effortless, cohesive and enthused approach to electro music. Part of Delmer Darion’s charm is the way they are able to create such organic and provoking tracks continuously. Delmer Darion’s influences include artists like MF Doom, Baths, Mint Royal and Dntel, which has helped the pair establish their experimental sounds. The Bath/Exeter-based electronic duo have recently produced an effortlessly chic new album, The Emperor Of Ice Cream, which I implore you check out, along with our interview with the band.

National Acrobats

These guys put up a hell of a performance for the Battle of the Bands 2015, which was even more amazing considering they only formed a month before! Categorising themselves as indie/alternative, the band’s sound is clearly influenced by the British indie scene. One song from there BOTB set, These Days, can be found on YouTube and demonstrates that we can expect a lot more quality music from National Acrobats.

DeathStar Disco

Described as “turbo-mental”, DeathStar Disco is a unique and awesomely fanatical cog in the Exeter music scene. If there were an award for the most unusual and entertaining sets in Exeter, DeathStar Disco would win hands down! Citing influences from the classic rock genre with a heavy emphasis on blues-rock, the band have a strong song writing ability not to be ignored. DSD also manage to create a highly energetic live experience.

The Sherpas

With the legendary Peter Hook referring to them as “brash, noisy and young. I quite enjoyed it!” The Sherpas are a local band have earned some high praise indeed. With their boisterous indie sound with a slight twist of funk, The Sherpas have been making waves in the Exeter scene. Stating they are “reminiscent of 80s bands such as Orange Juice, Haircut 100, and A Certain Ratio”, The Sherpas are a band you need to check out during your time in Exeter.

Alex Gregory

This Exeter-based singer-song writer’s voice is truly haunting. With her impressive musical CV, including being chosen to play live at the Paralympic Games, Gregory is only going up in the world. Her moving, evocative, and melancholy sound, along with that singular guitar, is utterly beautiful.

Of course, as you will soon find out, there are so many local artists worth checking out, such as Sound Of The Sirens, Sam England, Peacock Affect, Junk Star Kids, and Splitsville (to name just a few). Think of this guide as a door opening to your discovery of the Exeter music scene.

For more aural insight into the Exeter music scene, why not check out our PearShaped Local Bands Playlist?

Photo: The Sherpas