The PearShaped Exeter Bonfire Party

by Matt Hacke

Thank you.

Again, thank you to all who came down to the Cavern on November 4th for the PearShaped Bonfire Party. The night was an overall success, and it was again tremendously exciting to see so many people I didn’t recognise. Like our launch, there would always be a risk it would just be a meeting of an extended friend group in the Cavern. That’s what made it all the more exciting to see some unfamiliar faces, and of course have a chat with a few of you.

As always, we were really proud of the quality of music on show. Jack Rennie delivered a strong acoustic set, and one that brought many of our early-arriving punters from the bar to the dance floor. The Sherpas were equally good, and as a fan of their EP myself it was great to hear their sound broadcast live to the appreciative and swelling crowd. Ambling around the event it was good to see many familiar faces from our Launch – and to hear kind words from those who were both second-time visitors, and newcomers to PearShaped.

The Tags and Francis Red were undoubted highlights of the evening, and it was at this point the amount of number on the floor reached its zenith. The Tags played an immensely tight set, and I’m sure a few of you would have gone home and checked out their recorded work on their YouTube. Equally, Francis Red was again excellent and it’s great to see such a talented young DJ gracing the PearShaped decks for a second time.

By the time Josh Toogood played his danceable and slick closing slot, there was a real sense of mission accomplished amongst the staff. Yet as before, we are eager to hear feedback from you so we can improve the quality of our nights for all involved. Thank you again to those who attended, and we hope to see you for Coastal Cities on December 5th. It promises to be a good one!