The Oh Hellos

by Alexandra Kanovsky

Photo credit: The Oh Hellos.

The Oh Hellos, an American folk duo from Texas, are set to perform at the Exeter Phoenix on Friday February 3rd, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. They are set to be accompanied by the band Carousel. The Oh Hellos is made up of Maggie and Tyler Heath, two siblings, but they are often accompanied by a variety of other musicians backing their performance. Concert-goers can expect as many as 13 members in the live band! They have produced four albums in addition to a Christmas album. Their latest album, Notos, is set to be released on December 8th. The duo is set to come to Exeter on a tour supporting this upcoming album.

Tyler Heath began recording by himself in 2007 and produced three albums. Four years later, he was joined by his sister Maggie to write a song for their mother’s birthday, which inspired them to form The Oh Hellos. They released their first self-titled EP that year. They found success originally on Bandcamp, and then were featured on NBC’s hit show Parenthood.

The pair is strongly influenced by a variety of artists including The Lumineers, Sufjan Stevens, The Middle East, and Los Campesinos! Their sound is primarily folk, but they mix in a variety of other sounds including rock and bluegrass. Tyler’s wide range and Maggie’s powerful vocals unify the variety of instruments they have as their backup into an eclectic sound. Their hypnotic energy and enthusiasm make for a wild and energetic show and the Exeter Phoenix should provide an incredible venue for such a sound. The Oh Hellos will appeal to not only folk listeners, but fans of most genres who are prepared to dance and have a good time.