The New Lights

by Leah Devaney & Amy Garner

What would you say your ‘sound’ is? C: Alternative rock.

Is this the biggest gig you’ve played? C: We played the main stage at [Plymouth] Volksfest, which was pretty big.

Who’s your biggest influence? C: As a band, Arctic Monkeys; bands like that.

Personally, who would you say your idol is? C: Me? Well I don’t really have an idol.

How would you describe your sound? M: I don’t really know. It’s a bit different to everyone else here. It’s a bit indie, rocky-indie-punk-shit.

Who would you say your idol is? M: Callum here, I aim to be him.

Where do you see your band in 12 months? Both: Famous, as big as Luke Friend. Main stage Reading would be pretty good!