The Mynabirds - Lovers Know

by Emma Richmond

The Mynabirds’ new album Lovers Know has revealed the band’s stunning new aesthetic. The indie pop band has left behind their warrior stances and political lyrics in favour of a more personal approach. Lovers Know is an expression of vulnerability and defeat. However, frontwoman Laura Burhenn transforms the admissions of failures into a strength, extremely fitting of the “mother wolf” which we are familiar with from previous albums. With hypnotic rhythms, this is an album that could have been one for the summer, if only it had been released that little bit earlier!

Burhenn sings with a great sense of honesty on this album, allowing the adaptability of her voice to shine through. Her rich voice couples well with her keyboard, which, as a pair, becomes the focus of the album. This gives a certain 80s vibe, with a fresh twist, to songs such as All My Heart and Believer, but can still create depth and melancholy. Burhenn delivers her performances with great control, ranging from whispers to soaring vocal pieces. With tempos that range from a peaceful ballad to a fast futuristic beat, this album whisks you from the American Classics to something unheard of before.

The album starts off strong with All My Heart, stating in the first line, “I don’t want half of anything” and moving on to say that she loves with all of her heart. This sets the mood for the rest of Lovers Know as nothing is done in halves, with pure, evocative and blunt writing throughout. Once you know that Laura had gone on a journey of self-discovery around the world before writing this album, you gain a far deeper understanding and appreciation for the words. Semantics is a testament to her travels, mentioning the fog in London and “ice in Siberia”. Although her analogies are often far-flung, the meaning of her lyrics are far closer to home, making some songs, such as Velveteen, heart-wrenching with lyrics such as “I’ve been torn apart at the seams”.

Overall it’s hard to find flaws in Lovers Know. It’s got everything you want from an album: variety, good lyrics and talented musicians. This album is one designed to draw out the wanderer within us all, but it is also uplifting and empowering in a way that I haven’t come across before. The Mynabirds’ third album is one that we were waiting for without realising it, and I hope they don’t wait as long to release their next.