The Lumineers

by Nicole Costa

If you’ve ever listened to The Lumineers (and you definitely have) you’ve probably felt like you were either in a black & white 40s film or an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about flapper girls. Formed in 2002, the band has earned a lot of praise and acclaim in the last four years, building quite a name for themselves in the indie folk genre - their debut album achieved certified Platinum status in the US and Ireland, among other worldwide certifications. Having sold millions of copies worldwide, their first album has articulated an amount of success the trio never expected. After nearly four years of anticipation, 2016 saw the band’s release of their long-awaited second album, Cleopatra.

Much like their first album, Cleopatra combines the humility of Leonard Cohen and the fierceness of Mumford and Sons to produce the definitive Americana-esque sound of The Lumineers we have loved since 2012. The band’s well-received second album was the product of one of the most ‘’intense and densely packed’’ experiences of the band’s career, as singer Wesley Schultz puts it. This intensity is evident through the 11 track album. From the cheerful beats of the single Cleopatra to the melancholic guitar strings of Gale Song, the band’s second album offers the same emotionally turbulent experience that has made their self-titled debut album so successful. Launching at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200, their second album was the success we all hoped it would be.

Having played countless shows across the US, Europe and the UK along with many popular festivals, the past 12 months have been quite eventful for the band. This October they return to the UK for a few shows before they finish in November and head off to Europe. Whether you’re a big fan or you just know a few lyrics from their No. 1 hit single Ho Hey, The Lumineers in Plymouth on November 1st is something you shouldn’t miss.