The Little Unsaid

by Nicole Costa

Delighting folk and alternative rock fans since 2010, the last six years have been exciting and rewarding for the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer John Elliott and his crew – aka The Little Unsaid. Elliott’s intimate gigs across the UK and Europe are where he connects with audiences in a riveting atmosphere filled with a passion for music. The West Yorkshire-born artist has received a fair amount of acclaim for their hard work, being frequently endorsed by DJ & presenter Bob Harris who plays their music on BBC Radio 2.  Another proud moment in Eliott’s career was playing Glastonbury in 2013, which he then performed at again in 2016. His various appearances at other major festivals marked 2016 as a monumental year for Elliott and his comrades.

From Sheffield to London, this autumn seems promisingly busy for Elliott, who hit the road on October 14th to play fourteen shows across the UK. Alongside the likes of Radiohead’s engineer Graeme Stewart, The Little Unsaid is currently working on his upcoming album, with the recently released song Symptomatic setting high expectations for yet another heartfelt collection of tracks. With lyrics inspired by Elliott’s personal experiences, the anticipated new album promises the obscurity that is evident in his precedent three albums – labelled “extraordinary” by Bob Harris. “It’s not so easy to be yourself”, a lyric from Symptomatic reads. However, it’s clear that Elliott has no trouble expressing his most genuine self as he pours emotion and honesty into the melody and lyrics.

To experience The Little Unsaid live on November 2nd at the Phoenix therefore seems like a compelling way to spend your Wednesday evening, especially if you enjoy the sounds of a piano accompanied with violins and great guitar solos. The Little Unsaid’s capacity to leave an audience overwhelmed with emotion comes from the intensity and sincerity that make his work distinctive. The Little Unsaid lives up to the name, as Elliott proves that he definitely has a lot to say.