The King Blues

by Calum Mason

From 2006 to 2012 an angry group of Camden Town punks fought against injustice with their brand of what can only be described as ska-punk. The King Blues roamed up and down the country with their raucous politically charged songs. However, fans were devastated in 2012 upon hearing that the band were splitting. Now, after a four year hiatus, Johnny “Itch” Fox and his band are “Back and pissed off again”, as he opens their latest album screaming.

On Sunday 5th February The King Blues will visit Bristol’s The Fleece for what is sure to be a crazy night. From early ska/reggae tunes from debut Under the Fog, originally recorded in the bands’ flat in Hackney, to the angry punk sound that has developed over the years, the night is sure to go from chilled shuffling to a mad tirade in an instant. Itch is sure to have something to say on the populist rise of the right in 2016, as addressed in latest album Off With Their Heads. The intimate dark venue is sure to add to the madness on stage, and an unavoidable pit of sweaty punks will surely be there to hear the band tear the place apart. Getting to see the band back, angrier and louder than ever, is an experience not to be missed. This gig is for anyone either sick at the state of the world in 2017 or just anyone looking to see a punk band looking to Set The World On Fire.