The Invisible

by George Brock

Everything about the London-based trio is a contradiction, from their formation to their self-labelled “experimental, genre-spanning space-pop” style. By rights their music shouldn’t work, but it does; magnificently, making them one of the most exciting bands to grace the alt-pop scene for years. The group’s lead Dave Okumu (vocals/guitar) even admits “we became a band backwards”. Tom Herbert (bass/synthesizer) wanted to produce and release Okumu’s solo project, but instead Okumu proposed they formed a band in themselves with the help from their long-time friend Leo Taylor (drums). With their debut, self-titled album receiving a nomination for a Mercury Prize, as well as being selected as Critic’s Choice for the iTunes Album of the Year, it seemed the trio was on to something good. Their third studio album Patience suggests there’s no chance of this good thing coming to a halt.

On the 27th September at The Louisiana, the band continue their celebration of the release of Patience. The album is sculpted from the personal experiences of Okumu to form a gratifying ode to the unpredictability and value of life itself. The group reflects this feeling in every song with layer upon layer of staccato funk guitar, mixed with progressive trance-like rises and squeals of synth reminiscent of 00’s R&B. They’ve created an amalgamation that should sound like an overcomplicated mess, but instead creates a delightfully simple, universal melting pot of catchy riffs and hooks that wouldn’t sound out of place on mainstream radio.

The Invisible command a sound that ranges from super smooth funk to intense head-bopping basslines. Regardless of your musical taste the universality of their music can be enjoyed by anyone. Each live event is an infectious experience and the 27th September will be no exception.