The Hunna

by Niamh Harrison

While not necessarily an emblem of wildly exciting originality, The Hunna have definitely made waves in 2016; having burst on the scene from seemingly nothing, they’ve garnered a moderate (and loyal) fan base, and in August released a successful 16-track debut album. The album, titled 100, debuted at number 3 on the UK Indie Chart, and landed at number 13 on the Official UK Album Chart.  Jam-packed with fast-paced, high-energy songs, 100 is an album that is a lot of fun to listen to, and it’s easy to imagine how entertaining it could be live – with indie anthems like Bonfire, You and Me, and She’s Casual: songs built to be shouted along to, it’s a gig with guaranteed good vibes. The band have not been received without controversy, however; although 100 was adored by some critics, others slated the album and the band for lacking depth and merely being a cog in the corporate music machine. It’s true that sponsored posts meant the album was artificially popping up all over social media, but there’s no shame in using social media platforms to advertise, and especially for this generation, it’s perhaps the most efficient way of broadening your fan base. In any case, the album that this foursome from Watford have produced is full of feel-good, headbanger tunes. When performing live, you can tell that these lads will put in one-Hunna percent (sorry not sorry). If you’re up for a midweek boost in the wake of January exams, head over to Bristol for some youthful abandon. I’ll be the one blowing up at the front to Bonfire – see you there.