The Americans

by Liam Heatherson

Photo credit: Loose Music.

The Americans are a Los Angeles band who live up to their name. Rather than seeking a new sound, they gaze back to the plethora of ground-breaking music from the USA that rocked the world across the past century. From country and Springsteen-esque heartland rock, to bluegrass, rockabilly, and the blues, The Americans apply these classic sounds to their own ‘instant classic’ intelligent style of songwriting. But their music is by no means nostalgic. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. That’s The Americans’ ethos. They have taken these strengths to develop their own individual style, which reflects a certain timeless modernity characterised by signature sweet guitar-pop arpeggios. It takes the best from the greats rather than trying to overwrite them. It is clear The Americans have developed a sound with a single intention in mind – to give the audience a good time. Their authentic energy and growling vocals certainly deliver with power, whilst the songs themselves express a brooding and more considered tact.

The recent single The Right Stuff embodies everything that defines The Americans’ sound, and their tour starting in the UK will emblazon their album I’ll Be Yours which just hit in July. The fact that they were involved by Jack White and T-Bone Walker in the recent American music legacy series American Epic is testament to the stoicism of their sound.

Anyone who goes to The Louisiana in Bristol on November the 6th is guaranteed to enjoy the music of The Americans. The intimate confines of the terraced club will certainly compliment the four-piece’s emotion-fueled messages and their banjo-rolled rousing spirit. Uncomplicated yet deeply spiritual, they will not disappoint.