Tegan And Sara

by Jessikah Hope Stenson

It’s not often that this Canadian duo take on the UK and you’d be a fool to miss their upcoming tour celebrating their eighth album Love You To Death. Said album received a commendable review from myself last summer and has continued to be a fan favourite.

Artists of feel-good synth-pop tunes, this classic indie-pop band have been around for ages and I hope they’re around forever. The talented songstresses conjured notable tracks such as Alligator and Walking With A Ghost back in the 2000s and haven’t slowed down one bit.

As people, Tegan and Sara couldn’t be lovelier. Not only are they thoroughly involved and supportive within LGBTQ+ communities, they are charitable and hilarious human beings. Just check out their social media for some cat pictures to get the idea.

To hear newest hits Boyfriend and 100x live, as well as hopefully some of the band’s classic hits, head up to Bristol this February – I promise it’ll be worth the trip.