by Anam Zafar

Photo credit: Mike Massaro for DIY Mag.

Fresh from playing at Reading Festival, Superfood continue the party next month with a U.K. tour, stopping off at the Bristol Thekla and armed with a fresh set of songs from their new album Bambino, out 8th September.

This comes only a few months after their last appearance at Thekla as headliners for the first Dirty Hit tour, Superfood’s new label. This new label brings a drastically different sound for the band, evident on the three released songs from their upcoming album. Double Dutch, I Can’t See, and Unstoppable showcase a more laid-back, synth- and beat-heavy sound, but don’t think this means that their live audiences will hold back any energy. Superfood fans are notoriously rowdy, moshing along to the new songs even during the Dirty Hit tour when they were being played for the first time. We can only imagine what it will be like this time round when the album has been released!

Superfood gigs are always good fun, even for those unfamiliar to their music. If you wish to avoid the hyperactive tweens, stand on the top deck and admire the joyful chaos from a distance.