Super Hans

by Daniel Griffiths

Those familiar with cult British TV show Peep Show will know all about Super Hans, the lovable oddball who would show up every couple of episodes, do a lot of drugs, say some ridiculously quotable things and generally cause carnage. Now Matt King, the actor behind this bizarre character, is touring the UK as an unlikely DJ phenomenon, and on November 26th, he’s coming to Exeter’s Phoenix.

In Peep Show, Super Hans is the bandmate of Robert Webb’s Jeremy. The techno duo has been named everything from the Hair Blair Bunch, to Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus, to Various Artists (just to fuck over people with iPods). The only problem is, they’re not very good at music. Aside from a headline billing at a Christian Rock festival and providing the music for a YouTube football video, they never aspire to anything more than delusions of fame and their own manifesto: “Big beats are the best, get high all the time.”

So now, with Super Hans touring solo, the question is whether King will settle for novelty character appearances, in the vein of the Wealdstone Raider or anyone from TOWIE, or attempt to put on a show worth the inevitably large crowds in its own right. While cynical minds will see an actor rehashing his most famous character for a quick buck (David Brent?), the excitement surrounding this tour justifies the decision; people genuinely want to see Super Hans off his face and laying down “ketty fuck-off beats.” Reports from other gigs suggest that Super Hans is a genuinely good DJ, which makes this a definite must-see.