Sunset Sons

by Chantal D'Arcy

A fairly new act to appear on the indie music scene, Sunset Sons started out in 2013 as an indie cover band called The Cheerleaders. In 2014, they started writing their own songs and officially became Sunset Sons - since then, their popularity has increased exponentially, leading up to the release of their first album earlier this year, Very Rarely Say Die. Things have continued going up this summer, with the band adding T in the Park, Boardmasters, Y Not Festival and Isle of Wight Festival to their extensive list of played gigs – and now they are about to start a UK tour.

Humble and down to earth, Rory, Pete, Jed and Robin still seem somewhat surprised by their new found fame; their interviews are always a very chilled out affair, usually involving a drink and a laugh – they remain very personable, despite being the indie-music buzzword of the summer. Surfboards are second only to musical instruments in the packing order of their tour van, and their rest days on tour are usually spent out on the beach – if they’re not jamming, they’ll be surfing; failing that, they’ll be snowboarding.

Sunset Sons will have you feeling like you’re back at Boardmasters all over again, with a surf board under your arm and cider in hand. They have an unrivalled stage presence – whether you know their songs or not, you won’t be able to stop yourself singing along to their catchy lyrics, bouncing up and down with the rest of the crowd and going wild to their catchy rifts. You’ll soon forget all about that sticky Lemmy floor and instead feel like you have sand between your toes – so bring along your dancing shoes on Halloween night for a great night of indie rock. No tricks, just treats.