Snoop Dogg - Bush

by Shannon Smith

Bush is just so Snoop. There are moments where it just is really, really awkward to listen to – like “watching a sex scene with your parents” awkward. Musically, it is the album I expecting from Snoop (including all the overt sex references – that is a given). It is just so 1970s funk! What else could be expected from the same person who coined the nickname DJ Snoopadelic in 2012? Yes, that is a thing. With that and the obvious connotations associated with “Bush”, you have the album summed up.

In the words of Pharrell Williams, California Roll is “a soul sushi roll” – so many layers. With the relaxed backing track, then Snoop’s vocals and finally being topped by Stevie Wonder’s outstanding vocals (as well as his harmonica solo). Without Wonder this track would feel entirely incomplete. In the Track-by-Track discussion between Williams and Snoop, they discussed how Wonder was left to ad lib on the track, with Williams too scared to give him direction – and thus showing the magic of Wonder in full glory. Stevie Wonder is not the only big name that is featured on Bush. Charlie Wilson, Gwen Stefani, T.I., and Kendrick Lamar also feature.

So Many Pros is the best example of the funk brought into the Twenty-First Century on Bush. It has a “come and get it” vibe, without being exceedingly hair-raising (see: Peaches and Cream). So Many Pros has been able to bring Snoop’s characteristic cool, chilled vocal ability to great effect, along with the backing vocals of Charlie Wilson and Pharrell. Snoop’s “rat pack” has produced a track that seemingly epitomises Snoop. It’s no Drop it Like it’s Hot though …

However, there are some howlers in Bush i.e. Peaches and Cream. Peaches and Cream is like a second-rate Blurred Line without the rape references. With skin crawling lines such as “Freak don’t fail me”, and that elongated “you”, if it was not for the need to review I would have avoided this song like the plague. Urgh. The same applies to R U A Freak.

The majority of the songs on Bush are depressingly average though. From Awake to I Knew That, the majority of the songs merged into one and were so Snoop. This album has been rather a difficult one to review since it is so average. There is not much to actually praise or criticise. It just is. It is exactly what can be expected from our Snoop Lion. Drugs (check). Women (check). So smooth (check). If you like the majority of Snoop Dogg’s material, chances are you will like Bush too, but if you are impartial to SD like myself - you will most probably stay that way.