Snail Mail

by Stephen Ong

Photo credit: WTMD

This October will be Snail Mail’s second tour of the United Kingdom. The band first came to play a small gig in London in January, toured briefly, and have been back intermittently for festival appearances. In fact, they have played Bristol before – The Louisiana in May.

In my review of their album Lush, I highlighted Lindsey Jordan’s talent as a guitarist, something that will be on full display at the concert. With a full band around her, Jordan’s tight guitar playing will aim for freedom and interplay with her band members.

With only an album and EP to their name, the band are likely to burn through most (if not all) of their fifteen song discography, including singalong anthems Thinning and Full Control and the standout summer song Heat Wave. There’s a charm around them the same way there was around bands like Pavement in the 90s, and it feels like there’s no better time to see them.

If anything, fans should be worried about Jordan’s burnout – she has toured non-stop since before the release of Lush, and will be touring both America and Asia before coming here, after which she will return to America for further shows. But with glowing reviews from just about every music publication, they’re already one of the most impactful, influential indie bands of the year. It would be a shame to miss out on this tour.