Sleaford Mods

by Kate Karpinski

Photo credit: Simon Parfrement.

Following a decade of blood, sweat and tears, the Nottingham-based duo certainly have not left time for rest. The electronic punk pair are back in full flux, on tour and set to play their new album English Tapas that was released earlier this year. With Andrew Fearn providing the scanty, minimalist beats and chief of ranting Jason Williamson heading the vocals, they have sustained their clarity of views and angry tone. By further placing their new album within the contextual influence of today’s Britain, Sleaford Mods have re-established themselves within the dialogue of discontent that is so present in today’s society. The album upholds their tradition of shameless rants against a variety of societal components. With context ranging from indie rock bands to Snapchat, from BREXIT to Philip Green’s yacht life, the dynamic duo help to classify the state of modern Britain, epitomised in the line “we’re going down like BHS”.  Their latest album, English Tapas, is underpinned by cussing and blatant anger and certainly refuses restraint.

The album consists of 11 tracks and maintains the stark simplicity that has defined their previous works. The UK tour, which starts in Newcastle early October, makes its way to Bristol’s O2 Academy in the latter part of the month, only days before blessing the stage of our very own Lemon Grove in November. Fans of bands such as Slaves and IDLES may feel an affinity towards the sparse textures of Sleaford Mods’ sound. With their crudeness and brash behaviour it may not be for everyone, but for those of you who revel in the opportunity for musical relief against the frustration of current affairs, this may be exactly what you need.