Sleaford Mods

by Sophie Griffiths

Photo credit: Simon Parfrement.

Known for their lyrical rants about celebrities and pop culture, capitalism, and the society we live in, Sleaford Mods are back on the road touring their new album English Tapas. Describing their work as ‘electronic munt minimalistic punk-hop rants for the working class’, they make a bold attack on modern Britain in their own unique way.

Lead singer Jason Williamson is heavily influenced by mod subculture and spent several years attempting to make it big on the music scene on his own with no luck. It wasn’t until 2009, when he heard musician Andrew Fearn playing his own tracks in Nottingham that Sleaford Mods were brought together. When a friend suggested that Williamson combined his vocals with other music samples, they finally found their sound and the duo have been releasing albums together ever since.

Williamson gives off an intense charisma in a thick East Midland’s accent comparable to Shaun Ryder, pleasing rowdy crowds all over the UK. He takes on the passionate lyrics while Fearn is simply another presence on the stage, nodding along behind his laptop and delivering low-key electronic sounds.

Following last year’s referendum, they’ve got lots more brutally honest rage to give out. In an observational style, they are offering something that no other band has dared to do right now. They don’t shy away from shouting about what they loathe within British culture and no topic is untouchable for them.

On Thursday November 2nd, Sleaford Mods will bring their abrasive style of music to The Lemon Grove, so if you love the new album or just love a good political rant, make sure you don’t miss them on their biggest tour yet.