by Bertie MacKenzie

There seems to be a trend at the moment where artists take themselves far too seriously and forget to entertain their audience. Sigala certainly hasn’t fallen into this trap. Most of his hits are incredibly up beat and, coupled with his commitment to intense live performances, he creates a genuine party atmosphere at live shows. Exploding onto the scene in 2015 with the energetic hits Easy Love and Sweet Lovin’, Sigala has captured a soulful and euphoric feel throughout his music. Along with his commercial success, Sigala has drawn praise from many high profile musicians, including the legendary Nile Rodgers with whom he collaborated on 2016’s Give Me Your Love. Beyond these hits, audiences can expect covers of huge crowd pleasers such as House Of Pain’s Jump Around, ensuring everyone is kept on their toes.

EDM producers are often the target of some scepticism from more traditional musicians. It’s certainly not a stretch to say that certain DJs don’t really do all that much live. The stereotype that electric producers do nothing but press play on their laptops when performing has perpetuated, but this is certainly not true for all DJs. Sigala is a perfect example of a producer who takes his live performances seriously. Along with live vocalists, Sigala’s shows are often dominated by his band, meaning his gigs have an extremely high energy and boisterous atmosphere. Beyond this, Sigala himself often plays piano and synths along with live mixing and sampling. All of this means that each show is far more unique, and even improvised, than many other producers shows would be.

All in all, this Saturday’s show at the O2 Academy in Bristol has the promise of being a riotous and jubilant occasion. It may also be one of the last chances to see him perform in a relatively intimate setting, as it seems that the sky is the limit for this Norfolk DJ.