Sea Change

by Finn Dickinson

Sea Change is a relatively new festival - quiet, small, out of the way and about as esoteric as it gets. It’s something of a hidden gem, in that you may not be familiar with a good deal of the artists featured across the weekend, but those who are will be in for a real treat. The lack of household names is likely due not only to the small size of the event, but also to its general approach. The lineup might be likened to a Pitchfork contributor’s daydream, but without the soporific preamble which may accompany such a thing.

Taking place across the town of Totnes over Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of August, and featuring a Thursday night launch event played by the mighty Gold Panda, Sea Change has its fingers in all the pies. From the expansive and introverted folk stylings of Ryley Walker and Julie Byrne (respectively) to the bold avant-pop of artists like Pixx, Virginia Wing and Grumbling Fur, there’s something for everyone if you’re willing to explore.

Visitors will also be treated to some more more experimental soundscapes, such as those of the magnanimous Masayoshi Fujita and the downright feral Blanck Mass. This should come as no surprise, given that Sea Change will be featuring showcases from the likes of Erased Tapes and The Quietus - in case you weren’t enough of a hipster already. To top it all off, there’s a beer and cider festival coinciding in the centre of town (to appeal to the discerning student in you) and at only £60 per ticket, Sea Change is an event not to be missed.