Saint Sister

by Jessikah Hope Stenson

Next week Irish duo Saint Sister will be returning to Bristol to headline at The Gallimaufry. Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty, who bring keys, harp and their stunning voices to the band, are no strangers to taking the stage, yet this appears to be one of their first few times headlining in England.

The band’s first EP Madrid was released less than a year ago to widespread success. Clash Music called it, “rather more chilled, rather more introspective and rather more personal” than anything else, while Ion Magazine described their sound best when they termed the EP, “rich and atmospheric folk alongside a minimal electronic backing”. The summer has seen Saint Sister take on Latitude, Longitude, Deer Shed, Electric Picnic and Indiependence, to name a few festivals, and they are now spinning into the Autumn season with yet another tour.

Recently, the band have been hinting at a second EP through their social media. When I saw them perform in May they played a few new songs, including Corpses and Tin Man, both of which indicate another leap forward in this upcoming supposed release. I have no doubt that when they take to the stage in Bristol a few new tracks will be dropped nicely into the set list – so if you’re eager to get a listen at some new music, you’ll simply have to go.

With gorgeous harmonies and story-telling songs that are incomparable to any other artist, it’s no surprise that Saint Sister are building up some serious media attention. Earlier this year they took their dreamy atmosfolk sound to America and have been relentlessly touring the UK and their home country Ireland across the summer.

If you want to kick off the university year with some stunning tunes, take a trip to Bristol this Tuesday. You won’t regret it.