Rex Orange County

by Aagya Pradhan

Photo credit: Rex Orange County Facebook.

19-year-old singer-songwriter Rex Orange County - real name Alex O’Connor - has been the name on everyone’s lips this past year. His debut, Apricot Princess, presented a sweet amalgamation of pop, jazz and indie sounds which floored many in the industry and secured his place as a one to watch. It is this unique blend that Rex Orange County brings to the stage next February in Bristol and trust me, you don’t want to be the one to miss it!

Rex Orange County first drew attention with the release of B Cos U Will Never Be Free - an angsty lo-fi mixtape that dwells into his teenage years. Apricot Princess continues this autobiographical approach but presents a different story - one in which love is in the air and Rex is beyond happy. Dedicated to his girlfriend, Thea, the album presents an endearing mix of sound - tracks like Television/So Far So Good lament on the struggle of “getting the girl” over fast piano and synths; while Waiting Room is a more sombre track reflecting on past love. Collectively, this album is an emotional rollercoaster that both captures the joy of being in love but also the anxieties that come with it.

More recently, Rex featured on Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy providing the album with some of its softer moments on tracks Foreword and Boredom. With an ever-growing list of #tunes under his belt, Rex Orange County is bound to deliver an energetic and emotional show - one that is definitely unmissable.