Rejjie Snow

by Yuval Shalev

The prospect of seeing Rejjie Snow perform live seems completely worth persisting through the relentlessly adhesive floors of the Lemmy. At first glance, it may seem that the Dublin native does little by way of offering an eclectic sound. The only points in his songs in which he doesn’t embody the archetypal monotone-baritone rapper voice is when someone is featured on his song or does the hook for him. This doesn’t mean they aren’t great, however.

Why should I go see him, you may ask? The possibility of his performing even a single song from his acclaimed EP Rejovich should be enough to push you over the edge. The symbiosis of the understated jazz instrumentals and his soothing voice, as it takes centre stage on tracks like 1992, has at times proven too much for me to handle. How is it possible for music to sound this fucking good?

Come, be a crowd member and gaze upon smooth talker and my fellow countryman Rejjie Snow as he performs live at The Lemon Grove on the 10th of March. You can reflect on what a good night you will have had when purging your shoes of all the detritus they pick up on the Lemmy dancefloor.