Poltimore Festival Launch Party: Private Agenda

by Nicole Costa

With a mixture of music, artwork, writing, theatre and film, Poltimore Festival is a glorious celebration of the arts all in a one-day experience. Organised in the name of love for creativity, the festival aims to provide people with the opportunity to support and explore local culture and original work. Exeter’s Poltimore Festival brings a splash of excitement to the South West annually and this year promises to be as enjoyable as ever. In May 2017 the festival will be back with the same heart and spirit of its previous five years.

This month the Exeter Phoenix brings a taste of the festival’s spirit to locals in a launch party featuring a performance from Private Agenda. With music reminiscent of 80’s pop hits a la George Michael and Duran Duran, Private Agenda introduce a certain modern element within their classically pop-sounding music with tracks like Full Moon and Déjà vu. The combination of Alphaville-like vocals accompanied by modern club sounds is a refreshing take on pop. Even so, Private Agenda’s music is anything but generic as far as modern pop goes, as the duo has proven they do not lack originality and creativity through sounds that range from colourful summer tunes to 80’s disco soundtracks. They have articulated attention in the past years while being played by BBC Radio 1, BBC1xtra, with their single Paralysed making a live debut in Prince Charles’ nightclub in Berlin.

Supported by electronica duo Delmer Darion, Private Agenda are set to bring excitement and passion to the Exeter Phoenix embodying the spirit of the Poltimore Festival. The launch party will be an opportunity to get excited for the festival while enjoying music and drinks. If you are a lover of the arts or simply someone who enjoys live music, the Exeter Phoenix awaits for you on the 26th of January.