Polly Money

by Joe Alexander & Colin Bugler

C: Hi Polly, have you enjoyed playing in Exeter tonight in front of such a big crowd? I had an awesome time! It was such a friendly crowd. I’ve been to Exeter a few times because I don’t live that far from here, but yeah it was awesome.

J: In your set you were talking about how you supported Muse. Matt Bellamy saw you busking I believe. It’s an amazing story! Matt Bellamy just walked past the stage I was playing at, at a place called Marylebone Summer Fair. A couple of days later he invited me out to support him - Dizzee Rascal and Biffy Clyro were there as well so it was pretty insane!

J: Have you got any upcoming shows you would like to let people know about? If anyone is in Shrewsbury I’m supporting this wicked blues artist [Blues Boy Dan Owen] from the 1st-5th December at the Henry Tudor House. Apart from that I’m just organising stuff for next year - tours and festivals and all that fun stuff.

C: Are you doing any recordings at the moment? [laughs] It’s all under wraps at the moment! We plan to go back into the studio; I’ve got a few new songs that I want to get down. So we’ll see what happens - you’ll have to keep updated!

J: How can the PearShaped following keep updated with you? My website is pollymoney.com. It’s got my Facebook and Twitter on it so just Like that and keep up to date with my stuff.