People We Like: Kink Nights

by Jack Reid

Kink Nights have already made a pretty big name for themselves. You may have, no you definitely have seen those stickers on lamp posts around the city, those posters pasted to any available surface. There’s a reason for this confident presence in the city: these guys have a mission and they’re here to make sure that nothing gets in their way.

Kink are determined to create a night that successfully brings together great live music performances from truly upcoming acts around the country and a slicker atmosphere than what you’d usually find in the Cavern. Other nights in a similar category may look like they’re undercutting Kink in their pricing, usually coming in at around £4 but the extra couple of pounds seem to be paying for quality. Mausi and Dive In, who both appeared at the Kink Nights launch, are two acts on the cusp of becoming huge. I count the days until I hear them on the Radio One B playlist, or booming out of a trendy clothes shop, and I don’t think it’ll take long.

Kink brings a kind of glitz that other nights lack. Take for example, the wonderful bulb board sign that illuminated the back of the venue (modelled below by the lead singer of Mausi), or the staging of the night that saw a projected video of time lapse streets behind the performers.

I have a high hopes for Kink. Their first offering filled the Cavern to the brim with excited students, an impressive feat when you’re going up against the sports social night at Timepiece that is so favoured by those suffering from horde mentality and an unfortunate taste for Avicii. If each Kink Night has a theme, it seems that last Wednesday was one of fun synth-heavy indie, and next Wednesday will be dominated by the punkier side of things. Wolf Alice and Bloody Knees share a healthy intensity that should crank up the humidity of the Cavern nicely.