The PearShaped Political Playlist

by Rob Scott

The American election, Brexit, climate change, political corruption, financial crises, police brutality, racism, sexism, Bake Off moving to Channel 4 — we’re living through dark times people. If President-elect Donald Trump’s victory means anything, it’s that people are angry, and they’ve had enough of the tiring neoliberal consensus, of which Hillary Clinton is the figurehead. It’s just such a shame that this anger is being so effectively exploited by the populist right, and not organised towards a more positive, progressive change.

Music is something that can productively channel such anger. Throughout history, when people have experienced injustice, they’ve relied on music to express and direct their frustration at the way things are. Like any act of protest, politically motivated music creates a sense of solidarity, a stance of opposition, and, sometimes, a programme for change. Therefore, if there’s anything good to be drawn from this slew of depressing political events, it’s that it will result in some brilliant music. And maybe, this music will give a glimmer of hope that things don’t have to go on as they are.

If you’re feeling despondent about the state of the world, know that you’re not alone. Use this playlist, not to escape from those negative feelings, but to galvanise and concentrate them, and to direct them towards a positive end.

Listen to the PearShaped Political Playlist below.