PearShaped Annual 2014/15

by Jack Reid

We’ve been working on a rather large project this summer. The product of our labours is the PearShaped Annual 201415, the first ever print edition of PearShaped Magazine that will only be published once each year.

PearShaped’s annual print magazine is split into two parts. Firstly, there’s The PearShaped Guide To Exeter. This includes a guide to Exeter’s live music venues, a guide to our essential listening from an outgoing columnist, and a guide to Exeter’s lesser known pubs from our resident beer aficionado, Matt Hacke. There’s also a guide for budding musicians who want to make a name for themselves in the city, likewise for DJs and producers. Finally, we have the PearShaped guide to gig etiquette - very important stuff.

The second section of the Annual is The Best Of PearShaped. Enclosed is the very best of our album reviews from the past year, from both local artists that you should get to know, and from further afield. Also included are some of our best features from the past year, as well as many that are exclusive to the Annual, including a profile on Exeter’s newest and brightest live night, Mahatma Music, interviews with key figures in the student music scene, and a retrospective of Daft Punk. Also scattered throughout are our picks for the best gigs to catch in the area this term, along with opportunities to win tickets.

It’s been a big undertaking, and we’ve done it all to make sure that everybody gets the most of Exeter. The Annual will be available from our publicity team around campus during and after Freshers’ Week. For members of PearShaped, it will cost £1.50, and for everybody else, just £2.50. We’ll also be doing a bundle package for PearShaped newbies - buy an annual membership and an Annual Magazine for just £3.50.