by Emily Pratten

How are you? Harry: Is that question one?

No, haha. Actually, we’re starting with what weapon you’d use if you were a serial killer. Harry: Oooo, that’s interesting. Dom: What’s the situation? Am I a regular killer?

Like if you were some kind of Dexter character, what would be your go to? Harry: Sam wants to kill someone with an icicle. Sam: It’d melt away! Harry: Listen, I’m not gonna try and reinvent the wheel here. Knife, gun. Job done.

Your videos recently have all been very weird and wonderful. Who choreographed the Lost On Me video? Harry: Supple? Yeah his name’s Supple. Doug: He was an ex-street dance champion? A breakdancing champion? Harry: We wanted it to be a West Side Story type thing and then he kind of turned it into this street dance.

How was touring with Bombay Bicycle Club? Harry: It was good. It was a good shout, it was a really fun little tour.

At the moment, do you find yourselves preferring the old stuff or the new stuff in terms of what you’re playing live? Harry: The new stuff is starting to get really good actually - the tracks that people have heard are really fun to play. I guess it’s not as raw as the older stuff; the older stuff is a bit like… [gestures, flails hands a little] Whereas the new stuff actually involves playing little intricate bits, so it’s really fun to play. Dom: There’s this sweet spot as well, between us making a new song and other people knowing it. So there’s a point where people know the song and it’s still new, which is fun, and that’s kinda where we’re at now, which is great.

What’s your favourite song to play live? Harry: Money. We all really enjoy Money. Dom: Money and Wraith are my two favourites.

Do you think there’s a change between the old stuff and the new stuff? Is the new stuff more accessible maybe? Harry: No, not more accessible. I get what you mean but it’s just that it’s slightly different. It’s happened quite naturally. It’s reassuring when you listen to something that doesn’t sound like what you’ve done before. You don’t want to make another album that’s just exactly the same as the last one. We haven’t done a huge U-turn, we haven’t gone folk, we don’t sound like Kodaline now. It still sounds like us and I find it stimulating and I think the fans will too. The actual key elements of what makes us ‘us’ are still there.

What’s your favourite song from the new album that people might not have heard yet? Dom: O You, is mine. Harry: Yeah, I like O You. Or Under The Moon.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given by a fan? Harry: We got given an actual fan in Korea, which was really nice and very helpful. Dom: You got given that Love Actually thing didn’t you? Harry: I got given a signed copy of Love Actually, yeah, haha. Hugh Grant had signed it. Dom: But it later turned out he’d just robbed it off his Mum. Harry: Yeah, he’d just pinched it from his Mum and hadn’t asked her, and I was like “I can’t take that off you, man. You’ve got to give it back to your Mum, cause if it means as much to her as it would to me… I can’t take that from you.”

If you were on a desert island, what would be the album you’d take? Dom: Houses Of The Holy, by Led Zeppelin. Harry: I’d want something really repetitive, just because if you were on a desert island you’d just wanna go full on with it. Maybe just like a one and a half second recording of like, a syllable? Duh. Duh. Duh. Duh. Dom: Oh God! You’d go mad. Harry: Yeah yeah, cause you’re gonna go mad anyway, right? Also, if you were listening to Houses Of The Holy, on the hundredth time you’d be like “Ugh, I hate this album!”. So I’d just wanna go in with my ‘Duh. Duh. Duh’ and just be like, “Aaghhh!” and go batshit crazy and drink a load of salt water. You’re going mad anyway. Dom: I’d love it if you actually did that, it’d be so weird. Harry: Just get it over and done with, why prolong it? It’s like a quick and easy death. Dom: It’d be like suicide. Harry: The first second of a really good song. Like a second and a half of completely out of time Rock And Roll by Led Zeppelin that just repeats but without finishing.

What are your opinions on star signs and astrology? Harry: Pass me my phone. Look at my phone. Deal with that.

Do you identify strongly with that label on your phone then? Harry: Yeah, probably. I’m just into it because I don’t understand it. It is weird though, isn’t it like. Dom: [jokes] It’s nice, it brings people together. Harry: I love that conversation where someone’s like “You’re an Aries? Fuck, yeah, of course, I knew it!” It’s strange when you read horoscopes that are just ridiculously on point. Like, they’re too on point.