Palm Beach

by Ellie Turner

Image Credit: Campus Bands

Congratulations on getting to the final of Battle of the Bands! How has the competition been so far? Apart from a couple unflattering photos taken at the gigs it’s been pretty dope this year.

What can we expect from you at the final? Reggae if I can persuade the other 3 boys.

How do you decide what will feature in your setlist? We don’t have the largest arsenal of material so it’s been something of a no-brainer. Less is more I suppose.

Did you guys have much experience in playing live before Battle of the Bands? I believe all four of us came to uni with a firm reputation at home as local legends.

How did you guys meet? I met Joe and Jack way back in first year via the Campus Bands page I think. From then I could pretty much count on them being at Arena whenever I was, so eventually we decided we should probably do stuff together sober. Pete’s the young’un of the group and we recently met the geezer also via the Campus Bands group and never looked back.

Is there a story behind the name Palm Beach? T’was the day before our heat last year and we were still nameless. Basically we just randomly swiped around Google Maps for a bit and ended up at Palm Beach and went with that (it’s somewhere in Florida I think).

Who would you class as your musical inspirations? Beethoven to Beyonce, we love it all.

Do you have any advice for those considering joining Battle of the Bands next year? It’s lit.

What have you guys got planned for after the competition? We’d like to get some recording done for sure. Apart from that it’s all carpe diem.