by Kate Giff

Indie four-piece Palace have been carving their place in the music industry for a while now. In the last year especially, the band have broadened their horizons, earning a reputation for themselves here, the US and everywhere in between. The bands’ sound is a touch of sonic, a dose of emotion and a lot of sprawling, dreamy melodies. Their debut album So Long Forever is due on 4th November, and hopes for it are very, very high. When I asked them how they would describe the album in five words, the answer was: “Sexy, magic, arousing, good, fabulous.” They may be biased, but that sounds promising.

Live, Palace transform both themselves and the audience. There are few acts that truly capture the atmosphere of a room in their music, while changing the atmosphere through their music. Palace have an amazing ability to pull the crowd in and refuse to let them leave. Their upbeat songs are fun to dance to, granted, but it’s on the slower, calmer tracks where they shine. If you fancy a night of big sounds from unassuming guys, this gig might be for you. Palace play Bristol Exchange on 22nd November. It’s an intimate venue, perfect for music as intimate at Palace’s. I can’t recommend this gig highly enough.