Nick Mulvey

by Finn Dickinson

Photo credit: Isadora Tanner.

It’s a little unusual for the founding member of an ambient-leaning jazz quartet to suddenly quit the band in order to develop a solo career in contemporary folk music. Then again, the decision was no more idiosyncratic than Nick Mulvey’s initial choice of instrument. After contributing to two albums with Portico Quartet playing the hang (you know, the instrument that looks like the lovechild of a giant alien clam and a giant robot clam), the singer-songwriter has had some success with carving out his own path.

Mulvey released his debut album First Mind in 2014 and has recently released his sophomore effort Wake Up Now, which certainly has its fingers in a few pies. Influences from traditional English folk and ambient pop are equally abundant, but the resulting product is more blended and cohesive than one might expect. Mulvey’s gig at the Lemon Grove should be a fairly intimate affair, so if you fancy experiencing the Lemmy as an atmosphere of introspection and serenity, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity this October.