Newton Faulkner

by Chelsea Lee

Recognised for his long dreadlocks once upon a time, Newton Faulkner is coming to Exeter - with his hair cut and in a bun - to perform his music with his tantalising vocals and guitar skills on November 26th at the Exeter’s very own Lemon Grove.

2017 marks a decade since the release of his debut album Hand Built by Robots for the Surrey-born singer-songwriter. He has released five studio albums over the last decade and is currently touring in support of his sixth album Hit the Ground Running, which is due to be released in the near future.

Faulkner is an incredible live performer. His charisma and down-to-earth character create an approachable and comfortable atmosphere for the audience, all in the midst of his extraordinary fluency in guitar. The seemingly effortlessness of his fast hand motions, moving from fret to fret, plucking and strumming is simply mesmerising; it is as if the guitar and himself have a mutual understanding. Whilst Faulkner’s sound has developed and evolved from album to album, one element that still remains across his music in my opinion, is the assuring quality of each song. From the sunnier tunes such as the popular single Clouds from Write It On My Skin to songs about heartbreak and loss, Faulkner never fails to lift negative emotions and get people to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His crisp vocals definitely attribute to that effect. Having caught him for an interview last March, his modesty and belief that art should be created to be enjoyed through passion no doubt can be seen on stage, which is a bonus to the immense amount of talent he embodies.

For everyone who has never seen Newton Faulkner play live, I would 100% recommend not missing this opportunity. I guarantee you will be in awe of his musical magic and each song will bring you one bear hug after another. A perfect break away from all troubles, you will leave the gig glowing and content.