Ned's Atomic Dustbin and The Wonder Stuff

by Taylor William-Hill

Photo credit: Josie Lynch.

Fun Fact: when I used to be a band, we rehearsed in the same studio as Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Now you know. What you may also have not known is they’re doing a rare tour, which is fabulous because these guys are my official local band. I’m excited at the prospect of you joining me at the 02 Academy Bristol on the 12th April 2018. It’s going to be mint. This is an exciting gig for me predominantly because the tour is called Love From Stourbridge… Where I’m from.

Might be worth mentioning that this isn’t only Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’s tour. It’s also shared with another band close to the proverbial and literal home – and if you read my preview for them earlier on in the year where I spoke about my personal affiliations to them – you’ll know that it’s the wonderful Miles Hunt and his Wonder Stuff. The two bands have shared a companionable friendship for a time now; both groups formed in Stourbridge in the late 1980s and were part of the Midland’s alternative rock scene. Ned’s music was arguably a lot heavier with two bass guitars (not seen often in lineups), whereas The Wonder Stuff have a stronger emphasis on melody and orchestral sounds. Both bands, however, have been inducted into the fans’ Power Pop hall of fame amongst other groups of the ilk such as Jesus Jones, Pop Will Eat Itself and Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. I would strongly advise listening to Ned’s God Fodder (absolute unsung classic) and The Wonder Stuff’s Eight Legged Groove Machine, to get an idea of the juxtaposition – yet musical similarity – between the two bands.

I’ve seen these bands both before (Wonder Stuff way too many times) and can certify that they are a classy pair. If you’re into any of the bands named above, you should come to this gig; if you’ve never heard of the bands above, but you fancy a good night out, you should come to this gig; if you wish to acquaint yourself with the alternative Midlands music scene, please come to this gig. I’m so looking forward to this one and I would love to share the excitement with a few of you come next year.